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Interview with Ryan Munn Spokesperson for Sabr Coin on Fox Business Network (Nov 9, 2018)


SABR will appear by representation on the FOX Network on the show New to the street and Exploring the block. SABR has 12 interviews over a 12-month period where SABR will be highlighted. More to come... Rich Kaiser, SABR Coin’s Consultant, states, the opportunity for SABR to be on ‘Exploring the Block,’ airing on Fox Business TV, can give viewers a comprehensible understanding about SABR’s blockchain. The coin’s popularity in uses for industrial, commercial, and private transactions continues to grow. And, learn ‘WHY’ SABR is the next generation in cybercurrency blockchain technology and its ease of uses. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, SABR was created for business transactions. SABR is a pre-mined coin with emissions fully completed, no new mining possible, and no ICO. SABR implements a strategy in becoming the most used digital currency in the maritime industry, as well as, integration into auctions for the tokenization of high net worth assets. Growing acceptance continues from large industrial and commercial users. SABR. trades on - a cryptocurrency exchange.


SABR has been selected by partners of high value art work, sculptures and difficult to obtain pieces for use in the transaction process. Benefits that SABR brings include registering records, to a permissioned Blockchain, from transport to sales. Distributed blockchain record keeping, including provenance records, condition reports, and appraisals. Major announcements on auctions to come.


SABR has entered into an agreement with a major Indy car race team to provide services and purchase of memoribilia for both present and former drivers. The use of the coin includes all memorabilia on a website to be created and to pay for driver appearances.

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